A new chapter awaits

After nearly 4 glorious years, I will be moving on from Pathway Group to embark on a journey which will no doubt be the next phase of transformation for my professional and personal life – as CEO of BAME Apprenticeship Alliance.

Pathway Group has been and will always be my family. Working at Pathway Group has enabled me to become the man that I am today. It has been thrilling, challenging, emotional and all the other feelings that you can find from a company which believes that you are important. The culture of Pathway Group and its many lessons in culture which I will take with me for eternity.

Over the 4 years, I have been part of some incredible projects. However, The Asian Apprenticeship Awards has to be the project which means the most to me. Why? Because it taught me absolutely everything I needed to know about myself and in fact, prepared me for this next phase in life. It has allowed me to work with some seriously underrated talent within our team who lead on the events and marketing, see some of the rising talented apprentices this country has and allowed me to meet and engage with Britain’s most recognised faces like Sir Martin Sorrell, Lord Sugar, James Caan and more. This would not have been the case had I not taken up on this opportunity (admittedly, with some encouragement).

The legacy of The Asian Apprenticeship Awards continues and will be evolving into The BAME Apprenticeship Awards led by my dearest colleague Kasim Choudhry.

The word opportunity is one which is really the reason I am where I am today. And, after God, I have one person to thank for that: Safaraz Ali. He believed in me from day one, taking on a real novice in the world of work, taking someone who had barely worn a suit to becoming the professional I am. There isn’t a day that I haven’t spent with Safaraz that I haven’t learnt anything to take away and implement. We have worked together, travelled the world from New York to Singapore, inspired each other, ran at super speed for trains and planes, ate in some of the most craziest places to inheriting knowledge and experience which I am going to treasure for decades to come. I do hope we will be continuing our travels across the globe into new places in the near future, but at this pitstop in life, I am perpetually thankful for everything you have done for me.

Lastly, Team Pathway. You rock. Keep grinding to build the best skills provider in the UK. Love you all. (I’ll still be around, don’t worry).

That’s it for now and in the days to come, I shall be updating you all on the direction The BAME Apprenticeship Alliance will be going on and the journey ahead.

God bless.

Isa Mutlib X

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