The focus for those in the apprenticeships world in 2020

As I headed into my final meeting of 2019 with the brilliant Ladder For Greater Birmingham Apprenticeships Committee, I’ve been thinking about what would be important to this space for 2020. Here’s my thoughts:

1) Apprentices having integral role in policy decisions – What I’ve begun to recognise through running The Apprenticeship Hacks is that (ex-) apprentices hold a significant amount of insights into an apprentices’ journey and what works/doesn’t work. Such insights can shape the way employers and providers work with apprentices from recuitment to progression

2) Data led approaches to recruitment strategies – Every region is different in terms of population, sectors etc. By using data, employers are now able to created a much more targeted campaign, both offline and online, for their recruitment

3) Localised apprenticeship strategies designed and executed by LEPs, LA’s and other key stakeholders etc – as mentioned above, it’s critical that Central Gov begins devolving apprenticeship responsibilities to experts who know respective regions, enabling focus on priority areas

4) Replacing the ‘increase by 20% by 2020 of BAME starts’ with ambitious targets which represent local population statistics – We believe that whilst this worked for current 15-20 period (though not achieved), to the points above, a new set of targets are needed for local needs

5) Benchmarking positive actions for employers to recruit from diverse backgrounds – Whilst it is commendable that employers are doing a lot around D&I, we believe that no every employer is aware of what they could be doing. We hope to introduce a benchmark with guidance soon.

Thank you so much for all your support over the last 12 months. I’m very excited for 2020 and turning some of the points into tangible actions; including leading the BAME Apprenticeship Alliance as CEO to bring about meaningful impact through policy, advocacy and conversations. #Apprenticeships

Have a great festive break.


Isa Mutlib

Any thoughts? Comment below, tweet me (@isamutlib) or just email me

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